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We’re Em and Rob,
and we’re behind sourcey.m

We’re marketers, just like you, so it’s important to us that we get to know you and your target markets when delivering on a brief. It’s not about putting your logo on just any product. It’s about finding the right ideas and items for your business and customising them to suit your brand.

Our story

Working in marketing and events for over 15 years, Em saw lots of promotional JUNK. She was inspired to start an agency that created useful, on-trend, retail quality merchandise that would not end up in landfill!


Em began sourcing beautiful, sustainable, practical promotional products in 2012 and now oversees the Branded Merchandise for some of the world’s most recognisable brands.


Enter her partner in life (and crime!), Rob, with almost two decades of trade, shopper and customer marketing experience looking after some of the world’s biggest FMCG brands.


They’ve lived and breathed sourcey.m for almost a decade. Together with their ever growing team they work tirelessly, to provide their clients with swoon-worthy products from the incredible supplier networks they’ve built both locally and abroad.


There’s literally nothing the sourcey.m team cannot source for your amazing brand and grand merch plans. Their personalised lifestyle products see sourcey.m as Australia’s favourite corporate swag company!

Emily murray


Rob murray


Our Purpose

We’re Down To Earth

Say NO to fugly, single-use branded junk and YES to stylish, practical, eco-friendly lifestyle products your customers will re-use and love forever. We’re all about sustainability at sourcey.m.

We Love Australian Made

Whenever we can, we support local, small and innovative businesses. We are always on the hunt to find new and exciting suppliers from down under!

Endless Possibilities

We make it our mission to source anything your heart desires, thanks to our far-reaching network of designers and suppliers onshore & offshore built through years of being home to the world’s coolest merch.

We’re Family Owned

We’re an Australian family business with combined decades of marketing and trade experience. We live and breathe beautifully branded merchandise.


The crazier, the better! There’s nothing like a challenge to find you the perfect branded product to suit your target market, purpose & personality. Any spec, any budget; it’s what we do best.

Women-FOUNDED & ProuD

sourcey.m was conceived by our founder Em. After almost a decade, she has grown her business into one of the top merchandise agencies in the country!


sourcey.m is built on these core values:









5 Star Customer Service

And we consider the above in every brief, no matter how big or small! By keeping these values in mind, we ensure that your brand, products and branded merchandise will live on and not end up in landfill. Beautifully branded, with love.

Business with purpose


We are a family business and care greatly about providing a sustainable future for our children (and the generations to follow).


We always aim to create useful products that our customers will love so our products stay in their hands and home, and not in the bin.


Together with our suppliers we are walking the walk, not just talking the talk. We recommend there is no SUP on any jobs we bring in from off-shore and we work with our local suppliers to ensure that they stand with us on the fight against Single Use Plastics.

✓ We say no to single-use plastics


✓ We have a huge range of eco-friendly and recycled merch


✓ Our products are thoughtfully designed for re-use and longevity


✓ We are committed to reducing our eco footprint


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