Why you should love Promotional Products (as much as we do!)

Emily Murray, Owner Sourcey.M

In the crowded space of the digital world, information-overload is real.

But if your brand messaging is boring, it’s easy to become invisible – buried beneath a plethora of articles and online content from your competitors and other brands.

Fact? Today’s landscape is dotted with more discerning and cynical consumers than ever before and the flow-on effect is that the challenge for marketers has never been greater.

But what if there was an easy way you could keep your brand top-of-mind in the thoughts of your target market of potential clients and customers?


One savvy way to spark those conversations that lead to meaningful and memorable interactions is through smart use of promotional products. Who doesn’t like a little gift, right? As our addiction to all-things-online continues to grow, attention spans are in steady decline. That goldfish-esque way of looking at the world around us raises an important question: If the scramble to grab those small slivers of attention and direct them your way – towards better engagement with your brand and better sales – can be achieved with a strategically-designed promotional product that is relatively low-cost and delivers a positive return-on-investment(ROI), why wouldn’t you try it?

With countless marketing channels available, the world of promotional products is often overlooked by many business owners, but the fact is that it’s straightforward and effective.

Here’s some history…

Promotional products have been a fixture of Australian marketing for decades and, even in this increasingly digital world, some of Australia’s largest companies invest hundreds of thousands – and sometimes millions – of dollars to support their branding vision with promotional products. If you’re a regular guest at corporate events, you’ve, no doubt, seen them and, internally, they can also be used as part of incentive or corporate gift programs to nurture relationships between both team members, suppliers and clients.

Old-fashioned? Maybe…

But the truth is that, sometimes, traditional methods are some of the best marketing options around.

Choosing Promotional Products that matter

A great promotional product is one that captures attention. And if you combine that ‘wow’ factor with something that is useful as part of your everyday personal or professional life, then you have a winner that is sure to deliver positive ROI.

Engagement, of course, is the holy grail for brand marketers. With interaction, brand awareness is boosted and when that happens, depending on the actual sales experience they have when they use your core product or service, customer loyalty is not far behind.

According to recent research, promotional products can leave a business-building impact. (unless, of course, they’re BORING). Get it right and business can boom. In fact, when survey respondents were asked to remember the product, brand and message associated with a promotional product they’d received within the last two years, a whopping 76.2% were able to answer all three questions.

Sustainable Marketing Success

Sure, buying that branded keep-cup is an expense. But if the reason for choosing that keep-cup is relevant to your brand and the message you want to share (and if the keep-cup is good quality, well branded and something they will be happy to use repeatedly), promotional products can be the gift that keep on giving.

The same study showed that 55% of people hold on to their promotional products for more than a year – and that means lots of opportunities for your brand to be seen. And when the original recipient of the promotional product no longer wants it? Typically, consumers who receive these branded products give them to someone else.

Protecting Your Brand Reputation

With hundreds of suppliers across Australia and New Zealand, there are thousands of promotional products to choose from – something to suit your budget and your taste.

It’s important to remember, though, that your promotional product represents your brand – and that means all the time, money and passion you have invested into building it.

By choosing a promotional product purely on price, you might miss the mark of your target demographic – a brand-damaging mistake could cost you dearly.

Before you decide, it’s worth consulting with a promotional products or marketing specialist to ensure you get your hands on an item that will help your brand get remembered for all the right reasons, rather than as a PR disaster.



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